Non-Philosophy and Speculative Posthumanism

Bogna M. Konior in Conversation with David Roden

  • Bogna M. Konior New York University Shanghai
  • David Roden The Open University
Keywords: non-philosophy, posthumanism, speculative posthumanism, aliens, transhumanism


Bogna M. Konior in Conversation with David Roden.

Author Biographies

Bogna M. Konior, New York University Shanghai

Bogna M. Konior is a postdoctoral fellow at the NYU Shanghai Interactive Media Arts department and a research associate at the AI and Culture Research Center.

David Roden, The Open University

David Roden teaches philosophy at the Open University, UK. His published work has addressed the relationship between deconstruction and analytic philosophy, philosophical naturalism, the metaphysics of sound and posthumanism. He contributed the essay “The Disconnection Thesis” to the Springer Frontiers volume The Singularity Hypothesis: A Scientific and Philosophical Assessment. His book Posthuman Life: Philosophy at the Edge of the Human (Routledge 2014) considers the metaphysical, epistemological and ethical implications of the existence of posthumans: powerful nonhuman agents produced by human-instigated technological processes.

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